The Courageous Highlander: A Fantasy Novella


A Yuletide Legend

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From bestselling and award-winning author Lily Baldwin comes a heartfelt story of hope and redemption. Curl up with a medieval romance, sprinkled with Highland magic.

Here’s what people are saying about The Courageous Highlander…

“I was so drawn into this book…”

“…I was thoroughly enraptured.”

To ensure their clan prospers, each year, on the twelfth day of Yule, the chieftain of Clan MacArthur must strike out alone and shoot a stag on the summit of a treacherous mountain. Armed with a bow and his courageous heart, Laird Owen MacArthur carries on this tradition. He expects to face howling winds, snow, and ice. What he doesn’t expect is to find a young woman nigh frozen to death on the very mountaintop few men have ever climbed.

Within Owen’s protective embrace, Gwynn will find refuge from the harsh weather, but the cold is not the only threat to her life. She escaped the clutches of her fierce master who will stop at nothing to find her, but even he might not be her worst enemy.




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Enjoy a sample read from The Courageous Highlander

Laird Owen MacArthur scaled the steep precipice of Beinn Dìomhair, which meant “secret mountain”. It was so named because its snow-capped pinnacle was hidden from view by the surrounding Ceòthach Mountains, and only from the summit of one of the neighboring peaks could Beinn Dìomhair be seen. Despite its lesser height, it was treacherous—steep and covered with ice and snow that never melted, not even when the clan fires burned at midsummer. At Samhain, Beltaine, and Lughnasa, fae voices carried on the winds that barreled off its side, and orbs of light sometimes danced along its surface, alluring and threatening all at once.

Throughout centuries, few had dared scale the secret mountain—and why should they? Most of the clans in the West Highlands made their home in the green Ceòthach foothills and valleys.

But not Clan MacArthur.

They were a mountain people and each year their fate was tied to Beinn Dìomhair.


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